Bud Craig's latest novel is published

Inkerman Writer Bud Craig has had his latest crime novel published by The Book Folks.

Making A Killing is a British murder mystery featuring Private Investigator Gus Keane, the fourth book in which he has featured. The ebook is available now, the paperback will come in a few days.

In the novel, a private detective’s investigation into an affair hots up when the suspect is murdered. When a fight breaks out at a Boxing Day fancy dress party, attendee Gus Keane puts the fracas down to festive exuberance and too much booze, and thinks little more of the matter. However, when Jerry Duckworth, one of combatants, later gets in touch and asks Keane for his services as a private investigator, it is soon apparent there was more to it.
Duckworth suspects financial advisor Adam Jennings is having an affair with his wife. Keane is tasked with following him and finding evidence of his infidelity. But Jennings has a whole lot more to hide than an amorous liaison.

Unfortunately, the investigation into Jennings leads to complications. Not least when the latter is found murdered in his home. Gus Keane must get to the bottom of a case involving infidelity, shady business deals, and a man who is leading a double life.
MAKING A KILLING is the fourth novel by Bud Craig about social worker turned reluctant private detective Gus Keane.
The full list of books is as follows:
These books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited. The first three books are available as a box set on Kindle and in paperback as SALFORD MURDER

You can find out more, and buy Making A Killing, at


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The Inkerman Writers are members of Darlington for Culture (DfC), which was set up  in 2010 to help save Darlington Arts Centre from closure.

Its members include representatives of arts and community groups.

DfC was established after the centre’s owner, Darlington Borough Council, announced that budget cuts meant that it would have to withdraw its subsidy from the Arts Centre.

Although the centre closed, the organisation remains active - more at www.darlingtonforculture.org



Welcome to the site created by the Inkerman Writers to showcase our work.

Based in Darlington, North East England, and having celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2013, members have enjoyed success in a variety of arenas, including winning, and being shortlisted and highly commended, in short story competitions, having novels published and publishing the short story anthology A Strawberry in Winter, which can be obtained by visiting the website www.blurb.com

The group's second anthology of short stories, Christophe's Farewell and Other Stories, can be obtained, cost £4.95 plus postage and packing, from


The Inkerman Writers latest book, Out of the Shadows, which was launched as part of the 2013 Darlington Arts Festival, is on sale. The book can be ordered direct from


The group also produced The Last Waltz, a double CD of short stories, available by contacting deangriss@btinternet.com, cost £5 plus p and p.

Several of our writers wrote original one-act plays in a collaboration with the Green Theatre company, which were performed at Darlington Arts Centre early in February, 2012.


Darlington-based Inkerman Writers have produced their latest anthology of short stories, Inkerman  Street, based on the demolition of a fictional northern street and the stories of the people who lived in it.

The book, which features a variety of stories ranging from horror to comedy, was launched to a large audience at the Darlington Arts Festival Literary Day on Saturday May 26 and begins like this:

Inkerman Street is still and graveyard-hushed tonight, the terraced houses cold behind boarded-up windows, silent sentinels among a sea of wasteland. No one lives here now and tomorrow the bulldozers will move in to flatten the houses to make way for the Council’s Grand Plan.

“Although the people are long gone, the houses still have life. Peek into one of the bedrooms and see on the wall a painting of a seaside scene, brightly-coloured boats bobbing in the harbour, fishermen pipe-smoking in the noonday sun and seagulls wheeling high above the choppy waters. In the roaring silence of the night, you can hear the screeching of the birds and taste the salt air, acrid and herring-sharp at the back of your throat. It is an illusion; the bedroom is empty and the blooms on the faded wallpaper have long since wilted.

“The air in the houses is musty with neglect yet but a few months before, these were bustling homes filled with frying bacon and steaming irons, whistling kettles and playing children. The houses witnessed all these scenes for more than 150 years. Behind their curtains were enacted a thousand stories but tomorrow they will be destroyed because Inkerman Street is the last of its ilk.

“Now, on the eve of the street’s death, the people who once lived here have returned, gathering solemn and silent in the mist, the ghosts of the past come to pay final tribute….”

The anthology can be purchased at http://www.blurb.co.uk/bookstore/invited/7524452/bae89c993c98ec8c8b37b12d6b9b37ecced5dec3




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